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Primary school Třemošnice provides an academic and caring environment for 252 pupils of primary level from 6 -10 and for teenagers of junior level from 11 – 15. The pupils of Třemošnice primary school come from the little industrial town Třemošnice and from the several villages of Třemošnice region such as Běstvina, Závratec, Pařížov, Podhrádí, Starý Dvůr, Míčov, Kněžice, Kraskov, Ostružno, Počátky, Rostejn, Skoranov, Spačice, Vestec a Vyžice.
The school is independent, and offers tuition in all subjects of the primary education as well as preparation for entry to Czech secondary schools.
It offers individual attention in a disciplined environment, while at the same time providing many other activities closely connected with the school curriculum. The school places emphasis on the subjects: Physical Education and Games, languages particularly English, Computer Studies, and environmental education.
The school is open to regional and international projects. Pupils and teachers participate in eTwinning activities every year and after experience and success at Comenius activity in the past they are preparing plans for involvement into Erasmus+ activity. If you are interested what was successful Comenius project about go to the link http://www.zs-tremosnice.cz/videonews.html  /see Felixvision COMENIUS. You can also use Fotogalerie in Comenius page for learning of other Třemošnice school activities in last 5 years.

Apart from that some our pupils take part in preparation for ESOL Cambridge KET (Key English Test) and PET (Preliminary English Test) examinations and they are successful in them. Our pupils passed the KET and PET exams with merit and distinction so they are holders of internationally accepted certificates and the school has been preparing pupils for KET for four years.

The school is located in a large and comfortable building on the outskirts of Třemošnice town in the centre of several sports areas. It has got 12 classes. Highly educated and experienced staff of 24 people looks after 266 pupils. There are 20 teachers including 3 teachers of free clubs who take care of pupils after school, 2 cleaning ladies, 1 economist and one school-keeper. The building itself consists of 21 classrooms and other needed rooms.

The most popular and modern classrooms are 2 computer rooms, an environmental and chemistry computer laboratory. 11 classrooms use interactive boards so the school is for its education purposes fully computerised. All computers are connected and form school LAN computer network. The LAN network is connected to the internet.
Besides these school rooms, pupils use for their lessons a special classroom for drama, art (work with clay), 2 language classrooms, a quite large school gymnasium, a school playground for transport traffic practice, video studio for pupils’ video-news, workrooms for craft and a school garden for plant growing.

If you’d like to visit the school via virtual world see page
If you are interested in cooperation with our school on eTwinning or Erasmus+  projects, we are ready to start new project and share our experience with new colleagues.

Please, feel free to ask us any questions.